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Businesses that are "data-driven" have a significant competitive advantage and are having a significant impact on business today. As a result, one of the employers' most in-demand skill sets is the capacity to comprehend how to extract useful insights from large quantities of structured or unstructured data. To meet our client's most specific analytics needs, Talentskape offers the best data science consulting services among all data science consulting companies in Bangalore, utilising the application of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning technologies.

Hire Data Analysts

We are a data analyst recruitment agency that continually strives to exhibit that our ethos of building informed and long-lasting relationships with clients can be regularly important. Our data analyst recruiters possess a unique fusion of market knowledge with perfect sourcing limit that engages us to keep up the intensive levels of accuracy and service quality expected by our long-standing list of clients.

Hire Data Engineers

Our clients think we are the best at data engineering recruitment, which is at the core of our business. We have witnessed unheard-of growth in data engineering and continuously support executive, senior, and junior recruitment. We consistently deliver the best Data Engineers thanks to our customised approach. We have a solution to meet your needs, whether for entire project teams, remote hiring and onboarding, or simply filling in the gaps. Among all the data science consultancies, Talentskape is the leading provider of this service.

Hire Data Scientists

There are many subfields within the broad field of data science. To hire a data scientist, you should look for applicants with specialised technical expertise and relevant work experience. You could spend countless hours reviewing candidates who are a poor fit if you work with data science recruiters unfamiliar with the field. Talentskape, considered the best data science consulting firm in Bangalore, is distinctive.

We are not recruiters

we are experts in data science. We offer highly competent and trustworthy data scientists to data-driven businesses across all industries. Consult us for hiring high-performing data scientists for your organisation.

Tech Excellence

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Staffing:

We at Talentskape, a top business intelligence (BI) recruitment firm, are committed to establishing connections between talented individuals and forward-thinking businesses. We assist businesses in locating highly qualified talents, such as data scientists, analysts, tableau developers, ETL developers, and SQL developers.

We are a seasoned data analytics staffing firm that offers leading staffing services to businesses around the globe. Our recruiters are experts at placing outstanding BI and analytics specialists in long-term and short-term staffing roles. Due to our expertise in drawing in the topmost talents, we are considered the best data science consulting companies in Bangalore.

Data Engineering and Big Data Staffing:

Because of having to work with a large pool of data and a variety of analytic options, big data analytics are fantastic for staffing. Our big data service will enable your company to make deft, wise business choices, resulting in better matches between job candidates and openings. There are many advantages to using our big data to evaluate staffing choices. Recruiters can find better candidates more quickly and fill open positions with workers better suited to succeed in the position required with the help of a sizable database and an appropriate analytic approach.

Data Science and Machine Learning Staffing:

Experts in machine learning help your company maximise data value. These roles are hard to fill, with machine learning initiatives growing quickly and requiring technical skills. Best machine learning candidates excel in programming, data science, and specific subjects. Most organisations lack the time and resources to recruit the best-qualified candidate. Talentskape can fill your machine learning vacancies.

Why choose Talentskape for Data Science Consulting?

Talentskape is the leading firm offering the best data scientist consultancy service in Bangalore. Our passionate team of data scientists is well-versed in the data science market and the nuances of this broad and dynamic field. To help ensure that the right match can be made, we have developed a specialised network of industry connections spanning Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.

Our data science team is aware that finding the right hire requires more than just looking for any data scientist; it also requires understanding the core competencies and requirements of the company and matching those. We are committed to providing the best data science placement consultancy services that help our clients achieve their business objectives.


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Finding highly trained data professionals can be difficult since there is a strong demand for their knowledge and a small number of qualified candidates available on the job market. But, Talentskape makes this task easy for you.

Talentskape has built a specialized network of business relationships spanning Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision to guarantee a better match for data science professionals for you.

Choose a consulting firm with a lot of experience with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

The qualifications and experience of data science specialists should be taken into account when hiring them, as well as how well they will fit into your team and business.

Yes, other than permanent hiring solutions, we provide contract staffing and program-managed staffing programs.