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Talentskape is a leading Executive Search and Leadership Hiring Consultancy in Bangalore. We are an exclusive partner of the best & largest top-tier executive search firms. We are focused on delivering high-quality executive searches and leadership hiring solutions that enable clients to meet their business goals.

Our Leadership Hiring Process

Planning Phase

Planning is the initial step in the recruitment process. Planning entails creating a thorough job description for the open position, outlining its responsibilities, the skills, experience, and qualifications required, grade and level of pay, starting date, whether temporary or permanent and mention of any special requirements related to the position to be filled, if any.

Research Phase

This step involves drawing potential employees to the company. There are numerous high-demand jobs for which you can find several qualified candidates from a single job. In the latter case, it pays to conduct some independent research and make an effort to speak with potential candidates directly.

Preliminary Screening

The qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, and experience listed in the job specification are used to evaluate applications. After reviewing all the applications, we choose the best.

Schedule Client Interview

After having screened the candidates according to the job specification, we set up an interview for the candidate with the client company. We ensure that only the best applicants are sent to the client company for an interview.


Getting the candidate to accept your job offer is crucial to the hiring process. We ensure that the applicant you worked so hard to land gets onboarded.

Our Leadership Consulting Services

Executive Coaching

To direct executive development and monitor progress, Talentskape employs methodologies and tools that serve as the foundation for the leadership development journey. To ensure progress and pertinent behaviour change, stakeholders are involved.

Leadership Assessment

In the current climate, executives frequently feel overburdened, stressed out, or unable to influence organisational outcomes.

Executives from all around the world face the same challenge: implementing business objectives and maximising employee potential while coping with rapid and intricate global change.

With our leadership services, organisations will discover more resilient leaders with the flexibility and foresight needed to flourish in a complicated environment by using leadership assessment.

Corporate Training

Businesses need business training programmes to aid staff in expanding their knowledge and skill sets. Such educational opportunities are essential for any firm. It raises employee morale and increases employee satisfaction levels. They also open doors for innovation, increase production, and improve worker performance.

Employee Engagement

It has never been more crucial to keep connected in the fast-paced world of today. Leaders must create an environment where employees can achieve at their highest level if they want their organisations to succeed. And to do that, they must continually glean strategic information from and about their people.

To keep you engaged, Talentskape offers employee feedback opportunities. Our quick, adaptable, and digital solutions deliver valuable, timely knowledge to guide organisational decision-making.


The HR business partner's responsibility is to ensure that all organisational human resource policies and practices meet the needs, objectives, and goals of the organisation and its senior leadership. Administration, compliance, and management are given less attention. The HR business partner focuses on the big picture rather than handling the day-to-day training, policy phrasing, or the specifics of benefit plans and hiring.

The incumbent of this post sets and directs the goals of the organisation's human resources division, putting greater emphasis on strategy development than policy implementation. The HR business partner makes ensuring that the organisation's entire business strategy is compatible with the HR strategy.

Why is leadership Hiring so important?

The difference between success and failure is leadership. Great leaders find a way to achieve, adapt their strategies, display resilience to overcome challenges, motivate people to take action, and pave the way.

Leaders take an active interest in the business's success and how they can contribute to it. A team that is having trouble integrating new software or collaborating effectively may depend on this mentality and integrity to succeed. Because leaders prefer to collaborate with like-minded, strong-minded people, natural leaders are excellent at identifying and hiring other leaders.

Why Talentskape?

Talentskape is the top leadership hiring company in Bangalore. We are the exclusive partners for the best and biggest top-tier executive search agencies. We are committed to providing superior executive search and leadership hiring services that help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Awards and Recognitions

Talentskape has been successfully recognised as one of the top agencies providing leadership hiring services in Bangalore.


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A specialist who assists organizations in finding and hiring leaders for their operations is known as a leadership hiring consultant.

The leadership hiring process includes using unique technology to find potential applicants, evaluate their credentials, and match them with the best job positions. To achieve a successful end, we offer individualized help throughout the recruiting process.

A recruiter is often an inside employee of a business who is in charge of finding and selecting applicants for various job openings within the firm. A recruitment consultant, on the other hand, is a qualified individual who works for a recruiting agency and is in charge of assisting businesses in filling open positions.

Leadership hiring is known as finding and hiring people to hold executive roles inside a business, such as CEO, COO, President, Vice President, Manager, or Director.

Leadership is crucial in recruiting because it shapes the organization's culture, decision-making processes, and organizational tone.