Best HR Outsourcing
Solutions in Bangalore

We offer customized solutions to meet the human resources requirements of your business. Talentskape can offer the expertise you need to concentrate on expanding your business and keeping your competitive edge, whether you are a small business without an HR department or a larger business in need of additional HR support for a particular project or expansion. Our comprehensive and practical solutions to tough HR problems are most suited to the operations of our clients.

Why consider human resources outsourcing services?

At Talentskape, we're committed to finding the best people for your organization. We know that effective and efficient monitoring is the key to hiring top talent, and that's why we've put together a comprehensive security hiring service.

Faster Updates

The main advantage of hiring a top HR consulting firm like Talentskape is getting faster updates on the latest trends, new technologies, and regulations. We also stay up-to-date with new developments by keeping an eye on all aspects of HR management across different industries.

Reduced Paperwork

Our HR consulting service is more cost-effective, and our solutions can reduce the costs and hassle by lowering the number of hours you spend on paperwork.

Faster Recruitment

Employing our services leads to faster recruitment of high-performing candidates. This ensures faster expansion and higher revenue for your company.

Reduced Cost and Enhanced Efficiency

Employing an HR consultancy firm leads to reduced cost and enhanced efficiency for a company since the in-house employees can focus entirely on their core functions, thus generating greater revenue for the company.

Our HR Outsourcing Services

Hiring and Recruitment

Talentskape's human resources consulting services contribute to improved interactions and more predictable results throughout the hiring lifecycle. To fulfill hiring demands, you can increase resources and set priorities more quickly. Our talent acquisition specialists assist in cultivating the best employees for retention and filling skill shortages to hasten business outcomes.

Payroll and Compensation Management

On behalf of another company, we manage all facets of payroll. This arrangement is frequently advantageous to employers who value their time and want to ensure that their employees and taxes are paid correctly and on time. Sometimes, business owners may save money considering how a payroll service provider might help them avoid excessive tax fines.


Whether your business is just getting started, is already established and starting to grow, or is going through a change, Talentskape's HRMS will deal with a wide range of situations relevant to your company. Our specialised system covers all facets of efficient HR management, including hiring, training and development, and customer service. Our HRMS is seamlessly integrated with EDB which facilitates enterprise-class performance, security, and manageability enhancements toward critical objectives.




PEOs are more expensive because they offer higher value and benefits.

HROs are less expensive than PEOs because they offer fewer services.

PEO partnerships offer a comprehensive approach to HR in which they provide knowledge and recommendations in every area of HR, including payroll, compliance, benefits, and all other areas.

HROs typically focus on one particular area of HR expertise or specialisation.

PEOs assume risk and responsibility for your company's management.

HROs don't assume any risk or duty on behalf of your business.

Talentskape - Best HR Consultancy with Staffing Solutions in Bangalore


Talentskape's RPO is all about helping your company reach its full potential. Finding the ideal candidate is the main goal of our RPO service. Our strategy is straightforward: after hearing what you need, we develop a talent acquisition model that can change and advance along with your company. For years, we have collaborated with clients from all sectors of society and built custom recruitment solutions for needs of varying sizes and complexity.

Permanent Staffing

You must make sure that you're making the right commitment to the proper people before you hire permanent staff and integrate them into your organisation. We are available to assist you in selecting the ideal ones. We consistently and effectively provide our clients with high-caliber candidates, and we place those candidates in jobs that we are confident will support their career goals. As a result, we've developed a solid reputation for being among the best staffing companies in Bangalore.

Temporary Staffing

As new companies are pushing for rapid growth, there is a growing demand for a workforce. However, each company has its own needs when it comes to employing workers. We recruit temporary workers keeping in line with your company's needs. All of our staffing solutions are customised to meet particular requirements.


Outplacement is an employer-sponsored service that helps terminated and laid-off employees transition to new positions or careers. It is typically offered as part of a severance package. Services are geared toward enhancing re-employment-related skills, including writing resumes and cover letters, using job boards, interviewing, networking, and negotiating salaries.

Executive Search

At Talentskape, we support you in assembling winning teams, hiring top talent, and creating value for your shareholders. We identify outstanding leaders who are familiar with your markets and company culture. We establish close and productive working relationships with you to make sure we comprehend your strategic concerns and hiring needs.

Master Vendor Services

You can organise your company's staffing and recruitment providers into a single Master vendor relationship with the aid of our master vendor services. This will simplify every process, increase efficiency, and cut costs. We will coordinate communication between your company and each recruitment supplier, giving you a single point of contact.

Why is Talentskape the best among HR outsourcing providers?

Talentskape is the leading firm offering HR outsourcing & consulting in Bangalore. We are among the best since we are committed to providing services that help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Talentskape provides top HR outsourcing services in Bangalore through a single window across various domains to enhance the success of your organisation. Our customised HR Solutions are formulated based on organisation needs. Hence, they are best suited for the business. Our services are designed to make a difference in human resource management through our unique methodologies.

Talentskape, among the best top HR outsourcing solutions in Bangalore, excels at providing clients across a range of industries with timely and dependable HR solutions. Additionally, we assign our expert staff to the client in the event of urgent ad-hoc requirements. We support your growth and take care of all your worries as an end-to-end HR consulting company by eliminating your non-core activities.


HR Outsourcing


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Simply put, HR outsourcing refers to the hiring of specialists from outside a company or organisation to address a need for human resources. Human resources outsourcing companies are frequently hired to offer management teams high-level solutions and suggestions.

Yes, it is entirely possible to outsource HR even while having an in-house department. We work closely with your in-house HR team to ensure effective management of HR activities.

  • A big advantage of HR outsourcing firms is getting faster updates on the latest trends, new technologies, and regulations.
  • HR consulting service is more cost-effective and can reduce the costs and hassle by lowering the number of hours you spend on paperwork.
  • Outsourcing HR leads to faster recruitment of high-performing candidates. This ensures faster expansion and higher revenue for your company.
  • Employing an HR consultancy firm leads to reduced cost and enhanced efficiency for a company since the in-house employees can focus entirely on their core functions.

The duties of the HR department are frequently performed by a variety of people who lack the training and expertise that an HR Consultant brings to the table. Their HR responsibilities add to the workload and take time away from managing and growing your company. An HR consultant can enhance board benefits, process adherence, goal-setting, and execution surveys, especially if your company needs aid in recruitment while also needing to grow the business.

Services provided by HR outsourcing solutions include:

  • Determining the company's HR requirements in collaboration with management.
  • Developing and putting into practice HR models for various business types.
  • Finding and choosing the most qualified applicants.
  • Creating and carrying out training programmes for personnel.
  • Managing performance levels through evaluations and goal-setting.
  • Managing legal issues regarding employment.
  • Creation and application of HR policies and procedures.
  • Addressing employee issues.

HR consulting services can reduce the cost of operation by lowering the number of hours you spend on paperwork.

HR outsourcing with Talentskape is affordable. The price may vary basing on the requirements. Contact us for details regarding the cost of outsourcing HR.

Consider the following points If you're the best HR outsourcing services in Bangalore.

  • The level of experience is the most crucial consideration since the value of consultants depends on how much experience they have in meeting client needs.
  • Get in touch with the references that the company provides as evidence of its success with customers.
  • Look for a specialist in that field when seeking a consultant to address a particular need.
  • Look up any information about an HR consulting firm in Bangalore, both offline and online.
  • Make sure the company requests a plan of action for the necessary projects before selecting an HR consulting firm or individual consultant.
  • Faith in your consultant is paramount for a successful partnership. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you're partnering with a trustworthy agency.