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Businesses rely heavily on technology today to operate efficiently and effectively. Finding the right IT professionals, however, can be a challenge.

That's where Talentskape comes in, with the best IT recruitment in Pune. With a proven track record of success, Talentskape has become one of the most sought-after IT staffing companies in Pune.

Our Staffing Models

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is a popular option for organizations that need to quickly fill a temporary position or require additional IT resources for a specific project. In this model, we provide qualified IT professionals to work on a contractual basis for a fixed period, usually from a few months to a year or more.

Program Managed Staffing

Program Managed Staffing is a type of IT staffing that involves the outsourcing of an entire IT project to a staffing agency. We take care of all aspects of the project, from staffing to management, to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget.

Permanent Staffing

Permanent staffing is a type of IT staffing that involves hiring IT professionals on a long-term basis to work for the client company. In this model, we provide qualified IT professionals to work as full-time employees for the client company.

What we offer?

Workforce Solutions

As the best IT placement consultancy in Pune, we provide a comprehensive range of staffing solutions, including IT staff augmentation, permanent recruitment, hire-train-deploy, campus hiring, and executive hiring. Our team of experienced recruiters and HR professionals can help you find the right talent to meet your specific IT requirements.

IT Staff Augmentation

As the number one IT recruitment consultancy in Pune, we provide skilled IT professionals on a short-term basis to help organizations meet their project needs. We can offer services such as candidate screening, skills assessments, background checks, payroll and benefits administration, and performance management.

Permanent Recruitment

We can help organizations find and hire skilled IT professionals for full-time positions. Our services may include job posting and advertising, resume screening and candidate selection, interview scheduling and coordination, salary and benefits negotiation, and onboarding and training.


Being one of the top IT placement consultants in Pune, we provide customized training programs to help IT professionals develop new skills and knowledge, and bridge the skills gap for specific roles. We can also help organizations find and hire IT professionals who can be trained to meet their specific needs.

Campus Hiring

We can help organizations recruit skilled IT professionals from colleges and universities. We can provide end-to-end campus hiring services, including identifying and partnering with colleges and universities, conducting campus interviews and assessments, offering internships and apprenticeships, and helping with onboarding and training.

Executive Hiring

As one of the top IT recruitment consultants in Pune, we help organizations find and hire skilled IT executives for leadership roles. Our services may include candidate screening, executive coaching, salary and benefits negotiation, and onboarding and training.

Pre Retirement Solutions

We offer pre-retirement solutions to help organizations prepare their employees for retirement. Our services include retirement planning, financial planning, and other support services to help employees transition smoothly into retirement.

Managed Services

Our managed services offering includes a range of IT services, including network, security, and storage management, data center services, application management and maintenance, and end-user support services. We can help you manage your IT infrastructure and applications to ensure optimal performance and availability.

Network, Security, and Storage Management

Our team of IT experts specializes in network, security, and storage management. We provide comprehensive solutions to protect your company's data, including antivirus, firewalls, intrusion detection, and data encryption. We also offer storage solutions to optimize your system's performance, including SAN and NAS systems.

Data Centre Services

We provide data center services to businesses of all sizes. We offer comprehensive data center management solutions, including server maintenance, storage management, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery planning. With our expertise, we help businesses manage their data more efficiently and effectively.

Application Management and Maintenance

Our team offers application management and maintenance services to ensure that your software applications are running smoothly and efficiently. We help businesses optimize their application performance and reduce downtime, providing continuous maintenance, upgrades, and testing.

End User Support Services

Our team of IT professionals provides end-user support services to help businesses troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. We offer remote and on-site support, including hardware and software troubleshooting, installation, and configuration. With our help, businesses can reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Project Solutions

Our project solutions offering includes project management, planning, and implementation services. We can help you manage your IT projects from start to finish, ensuring that they are delivered on time and within budget. Our team of experienced project managers and IT professionals can help you tackle even the most complex projects.

Advantages with Talentskape

Talentskape is one of the best placement consultants in Pune for IT jobs that provides end-to-end HR solutions to businesses. With a team of expert recruiters, we assist businesses in finding the right candidates for their IT job requirements. Our best placement consultants specialize in recruitment in IT companies in Pune. We offer a wide range of advantages, including personalized recruitment solutions, pre-screening and skill assessments, and flexible hiring options. With our expertise, businesses can save time and resources in finding the right talent while ensuring high-quality hiring solutions.


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Talentskape serves a wide range of industries, including IT, BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, and more. We have a team of expert recruiters who specialize in different domains and work closely with businesses to understand their specific requirements.

At Talentskape, we source IT professionals through various channels, including our internal database, job portals, social media platforms, referrals, and networking events. We also have a team of expert recruiters who specialize in IT staffing and use their domain expertise to identify and attract the best talent in Pune.

Pune is a hub for the IT industry, and there is a high demand for IT professionals in various domains. Some of the in-demand IT jobs in Pune include software developers, cloud engineers, data analysts, cybersecurity experts, project managers, and mobile app developers. At Talentskape, we stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and ensure that we have a pool of qualified candidates for all IT job requirements.